Using SamBa failed to flash into Nandflash, URGENT!

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Using SamBa failed to flash into Nandflash, URGENT!

Tue Oct 23, 2012 5:52 pm

I was having problem to use SamBa (2.12) to flash Android 2.1 image into Nandflash. I'm using AT91SAM9M10-G45-EK development board and successfully flash AT91Bootstrap and u-boot into Nandflash. But however, I failed to flash the Android image when used .bat script which launches the TCL script to flash the EK board.

Please kindly refer to the following link for the error message that prompted when I launched the .bat.

Kindly advice how to fix the above problem. Thanks.
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Re: Using SamBa failed to flash into Nandflash, URGENT!

Fri Nov 02, 2012 12:10 pm

I don't know how to fix but i can give my method.

I had same problem and i just opened the TCL file a text editor.
The TCL file gives all flash steps clearly.

You can do step by step as i do.

the file like:

Code: Select all

set bootstrapFile   	"at91sam9x5ek-nandflashboot-3.1.bin"
set kernelFile	    	"uImage"
set systemfsFile    	"system_ubifs-SAM9X5-ANDROID-2.3.5_r1.img"
set datafsFile	        "userdata_ubifs-SAM9X5-ANDROID-2.3.5_r1.img"

## NandFlash Mapping
set bootStrapAddr   	0x00000000
set kernelAddr	    	0x00200000
set systemfsAddr    	0x00500000
set datafsAddr	        0x06400000
puts "-I- === Initialize the NAND access ==="

puts "-I- === Enable PMECC OS Parameters ==="
NANDFLASH::NandHeaderValue HEADER 0xc0c00405

puts "-I- === Erase all the NAND flash blocs and test the erasing ==="

puts "-I- === Load the bootstrap: nandflash_at91sam9-ek in the first sector ==="
NANDFLASH::SendBootFilePmeccCmd $bootstrapFile

puts "-I- === Load the Kernel image ==="
send_file {NandFlash} "$kernelFile" $kernelAddr 0

puts "-I- === Enable trimffs ==="
NANDFLASH::NandSetTrimffs 1

puts "-I- === Load the Android file system ==="
send_file {NandFlash} "$systemfsFile" $systemfsAddr 0

puts "-I- === Load the Android file data ==="
send_file {NandFlash} "$datafsFile" $datafsAddr 0

puts "-I- === Successful !!! Now reboot the board  ==="
There are 3 sections.
First; Defines file names must opened.
Second; Memory address to files.
Third; Flash steps. (Be carefull some configuration steps)

Note: NANDFlash Init = NAND Enable
Note 2: To Enable trimfss, use PMECC OS Parameters selection and Look at the bottom of dialog. Check the Trim related item.

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