How to open the watch dog on SAM9X5

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How to open the watch dog on SAM9X5

Fri Aug 26, 2016 9:10 am

Some of the program section takes too much time when you start from u-boot or system. the system will be resetted if you haven't feed the dog,like MYD-SAM9X5. So, the internal watch dog won't be opened on SAM9X5 by default, if you want to get it opened, please refer to the follow steps.

1. Amend bootstrap
Amend file: AT91Bootstrap-5series_1.2/board/at91sam9x5ek/at91sam9x5ek.c
comment out



in hw_init function
2.Amend the core
Configuration of Linux core

Device Drivers --->

Watchdog Timer Support --->
<*> Software watchdog
<*> AT91SAM9X / AT91CAP9 watchdo

There will be a hybrid :/dev/watchdog on the systen if you have completed it.

Attention: you should feed the dog every 16 seconds (default) when you opend it, or the system will be resetted!

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