Using HX8347 Controller with ASF GFX

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Using HX8347 Controller with ASF GFX

Wed Aug 20, 2014 11:20 pm

I am using the SAM3U-EK board with the HX8347A graphics controller. I am trying to use the GFX Color Library service but the service uses the ili9341 driver. Can anyone help me in getting the graphics services to work using the on board LCD with the HX8347A?

The file gfx.h has the following lines:

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   #if defined(CONF_GFX_HX8347A_ET024006DHU)
   # include "gfx_hx8347a_et024006dhu.h"
   # include "gfx_generic.h"
but I can’t find the include file.

I don’t know enough about Atmel Studio to try and generate the file and include it in the project. Later on I would like to use another display with a different controller and still use the graphics services.

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