Problem to flash AT91SAM9X35-EK with SAM-ICE

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Problem to flash AT91SAM9X35-EK with SAM-ICE

Fri Jul 25, 2014 5:44 pm

Hello, at the moment I try to flash my AT91SAM9X35-EK board with the test software from ATMEL. But unfortunately I get always the same logfile (see below). The board is only connected by JTAG (no USB-Connection).

-I- Waiting ...
-I- TCL platform : Windows NT
-I- SAM-BA 2.12 on : windows
current connection is \jlink\ARM0, \\jlink\\ARM0 to be matched
-I- Retrieved arguments from command line :
-I- argv 0 : \jlink\ARM0
-I- argv 1 : at91sam9x35-ek
-I- argv 2 : SAM9x5-EK-Nand-recovery.tcl

What means the single "0". It would be great if someone can help me with this problem.

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