Compile file system by buildroot on SAMA5D3

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Compile file system by buildroot on SAMA5D3

Thu Aug 25, 2016 12:19 pm

Step 1: download buildroot original code

Step 2: compile and configure

$ make sama5d3_defconfig
$ make menuconfig

Add local compile across implement:
03Toolchain --->
04 Toolchain type (External toolchain) --->
Toolchain (Custom toolchain) --->
Toolchain origin (Pre-installed toolchain) --->
(arm-linux-gnueabihf) Toolchain prefix
External toolchain kernel headers series (3.2.x) --->
External toolchain C library (glibc/eglibc) --->

Target options --->
Set the aim architecture,SAMA5D3 CPU based on ARMcortex-A5

System configuration --->
System configuring,configuring with real situation

Target packages --->
Clipping or adding target packages according to your own requirements, it includes many frequently-used libraries and implement
such as busybox, audio, network, mtd-utils等


Step 3: compile
$ make

Step 4:compile completion
2 $ ls output/images/

rootfs.jffs2 rootfs.tar rootfs.ubi rootfs.ubifs

Need more configuration, please refer to wikipedia of atmel
BuildRootBuild < Linux4SAM < TWiki

Thanks for your reading !
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