SAMA5D36EK Touchscreen locks on boot, but system still works

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SAMA5D36EK Touchscreen locks on boot, but system still works

Thu Oct 23, 2014 7:05 am

i have recently received an SAMA5D36-EK.

when the system boots, all goes well untill the touch screen calibration starts. At this point the debug port sends the screen size as X= and Y= (cant recall now).
However, the system does not go past this point. The touchscreen calibration icon on the LCD does not respond to touch input, and the rest of the initialization process is not completed and no system prompt is provided.

However, the system is operational. I can mount and demount an SD card or USB stick and it responds through the debug port that this has occured. I can also access the default web page from my PC based webclient, so the webserver application works.
I have reloaded the qt4E poky demo from the Atmel website and the same problem occurs. I have rebuilt the qt4E demo from scratch using original sources, and the problem is identical (therfore all software including - bootstrap, uboot, DTB, kernel, and rootFS, are all new/different). I have also built the QT5 demo from sources and the problem remains the same.

Any ideas?
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Re: SAMA5D36EK Touchscreen locks on boot, but system still w

Sat Oct 25, 2014 11:19 pm

I had the same problem.

I asked to the supplier (Farnell) to replace the board. Now the new board works perfectly.

When I asked for support to Atmel, they answered:

It seems that you did not get the right documents for this board.
To confirm this issue, I would like to ask you to program linux4sam-poky-sama5d3xek example:

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