SAM4S & G55 Bare Metal. Should I use the cache?

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SAM4S & G55 Bare Metal. Should I use the cache?

Fri Aug 14, 2015 12:06 am

I am working on a project with the SAMs.
It is pretty simple.
I'm using:
I2S or SSC transmit from RAM buffers via PDC to UDA1380 CODEC
Serial IO
SPI Flash or NAND(EBI) flash
Bare metal.

It is all working quite well as far as the scope timings go. I'm trying to squeeze a little more headroom out so I can perform some dsp on the buffers before they go out to the codec.

I have been reading about the cache a little. But it's a bit confusing.

Is there any advantage to turning on the cache for a project like this? I know it is a simple question with many answers but I have to start somewhere.

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