How to get continious signal via ADC

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How to get continious signal via ADC

Mon Jul 27, 2015 7:14 pm


I am
going to get signal from ADC to do some DSP stuff. For that I have to get samples in precise sampling rate using PDC. I read datasheet and ADC examples, but I didn't understand how can I get signal with custom ADC sampling rate. It is very unclear how to do that. For example I want to get 1 kHz sample rate signal. I want to read 10000 samples by reading 1000 samples 10 times using DMA. I don't understand how can I setup ADC to get sampling rate exactly 1kHz? In datasheet it's written, that "ADC conversions are sequenced by two operating times: the tracking time and the conversion time". In ADC example there are TRACKING_TIME, ADC_SETTLING_TIME and TRANSFER_PERIOD which have unclear values. Changing ADC clock doesn't change output sampling rate in the example. Can somebody explain how to setup ADC to get 1kHz samplng rate and what those TRACKING_TIME, ADC_SETTLING_TIME and TRANSFER_PERIOD actually mean?

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