SAM4S Soft Reset

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SAM4S Soft Reset

Mon Jul 20, 2015 4:03 am

On SAM4S I am looking to understand if there is a different in soft reset between NVIC reset and RSTC reset.


invokes a soft reset via the interrupt controller.  The documentation is not very forthcoming on exactly what happens and which hardware units are reset.

I want to know if this path invokes the RSTC directly or if it is doing a reset via some other mechanism.

I am particularly interested in whether the peripherals are being reset 
e.g the equivalent of 

or whether the NVIC path is really just a CPU reset. The doc implies its more than that.

I ask because we have some "in-the-field" indication that a soft reset via the NVIC is not the same as a soft reset via the RSTC.

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