SAM4L AST Calendar mode sleep

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SAM4L AST Calendar mode sleep

Fri Jul 17, 2015 10:59 pm

The scenario is like that:
The SAM4L is set to count in calendar mode.
When Alarm0 (uploaded as calendar) is set to sleep let say for for the next 60seconds (future wakeup time), then it wakes up properly and this can go one, sleep 60 seconds and wakeup, all is well.

While the SAM4L is asleep (entered with the Alarm0 calendar) it is also configured to be triggered to wake up by other source (digital input), and as it is triggered it wakes up, all is functioning well; however when it finishes its task and enters to sleep for 60 seconds it does not wake up anymore on the new/updated Alarm0 calendar value.

With another digital trigger it wakes up, but it does not wake up anymore on any Alarm0 calendar setting.

Any ideas what is missing ?

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