Enable usb cdc interrupt receive

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Enable usb cdc interrupt receive

Mon Jul 13, 2015 10:24 pm

Hi all, for my project i use sam4s and i necessity to implement the interrupt receive. I use module asf usb cdc.
I have to do this interrupt with USART0:

void USART0_IrqHandler() {

// Local variables
char input;

input = (char) USART_GetChar(USART0);

// Check if buffer is not full
if (cyclic_GetSize() < US0_BUFFER_SIZE) {

cyclicBuffer[cyclicDataEnd] = input;
cyclicDataEnd = (cyclicDataEnd+1) & US0_BUFFER_SIZE_MASK;

Now i have to do implement this interrupt routine with module usb cdc. Can you help me please?


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