Bad Definitions in sam4e_ek.h... PIO_PA6C_URXD1 wrong!

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Bad Definitions in sam4e_ek.h... PIO_PA6C_URXD1 wrong!

Wed Apr 22, 2015 8:12 pm

I changed my project over to uart1 from uart0, since I'm using pDMA and uart1 is on a different channel (you can't have two things on the same channel active at the same time).

Lo and behold... I found that the pin definitions for uart1 were reversed... lines 108 and 112 contain the reversed definitions. As is apparent from the pdf, datasheet section 37.4.1, pin pa5 is RX, pin pa6 is TX. The header file gives the follwing:


and in fact it won't compile unless you un-reverse it. Not sure how it compiled in the first place!

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