SAM3X8E LCD ASF sample / driver code?

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SAM3X8E LCD ASF sample / driver code?

Thu Feb 19, 2015 8:15 pm

Sorry, just noticed that there is a SAM3 forum - but I still wonder where to ask ATmel Studio questions. 

Two questions 
Is this the correct place where to ask about ATmel Studio? 

It appears that ONLY hardware questions are being asked here AKA "Board index ->products".

So here is both HARDWARE and Studio question anyway.

I have I2C LCD running under Arduino IDE and just got my first ASF app working (GETTING-STARTED ASF example for Due).

There are about 6 ASF "display" LCD(?)  samples under ASF Wizard so can anybody tell me which one is CLOSEST to I2C  hardware? ( LCD hitachi standard ? )
It would save me some time, but I can still go thru them all if necessary.
Thanks for any help.

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