SAM4E_EK tCP/UDP Communcation issue with system

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SAM4E_EK tCP/UDP Communcation issue with system

Fri Jan 09, 2015 6:25 pm

Hi everyone,
I want to communicate with PC, and here My PC is acting as a server and micro controller is acting as client and i am using udp/tcp protocol. For that i am using lwip which is given with atmel studio 6.2 software.
 My problem is When i am using tcp_connect method to connect with pc it is not getting connected, only ARP request is sent and get replied by my PC(found by watching Ethernet port in wire-shark software). My PC Server still remains in accept state only, communication will be started when my server accepts client connection. we tested that server with many clients in another pc. so i am sure there is no problem in Server.
Overall i want to tell you is, No data is being transmitted other than ARP request from controller side.( Note For this code preparation i refered lwip example which is available in atmel studio software itself). Please give me some solution. i am strugling with this for last one week.

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