Connecting TWI0 (Slave) to TWI1 (Master) on the same chip!

Discussion around product based on ARM Cortex M4 core.

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Connecting TWI0 (Slave) to TWI1 (Master) on the same chip!

Tue Dec 23, 2014 11:31 pm

1) I am trying to write an I2C routine for the ATMEL ATSAM4E16E on an Xplained PRO board. The dev board is unimportant for this discussion. I am trying to find a way to verify that my I2C (Slave) is working. So I decided to make one of the TWI's a Master and one a Slave and then connect the two, hoping to transfer data and verify that they're working. I've been having some trouble and I started to wonder if it is even possible to do this on the same chip. I've been using the ASF Wizard, version 3.20.1 and Atmel Studio is version 6.2.1502.

2) I'm also unsure what exactly is the difference between "TWI - Two-Wire Interface (Common API) (service)" and "TWI - Two-wire Interface (driver)". Do I need both? Just one? Which one? All I want to do is set up a simple Master-Slave I2C.

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