A simple question about PortGroup definition

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A simple question about PortGroup definition

Tue Nov 18, 2014 11:13 am

I am a beginner to MCU, and now is checking the example code of Atmel in ASF for details. I have a simple question now about the definition of PortGroup listed below:

typedef struct {
  __IO PORT_DIR_Type             DIR;         /**< \brief Offset: 0x00 (R/W 32) Data Direction */
  __IO PORT_DIRCLR_Type          DIRCLR;      /**< \brief Offset: 0x04 (R/W 32) Data Direction Clear */
  __IO PORT_DIRSET_Type          DIRSET;      /**< \brief Offset: 0x08 (R/W 32) Data Direction Set */
  __IO PORT_DIRTGL_Type          DIRTGL;      /**< \brief Offset: 0x0C (R/W 32) Data Direction Toggle */
  __IO PORT_OUT_Type             OUT;         /**< \brief Offset: 0x10 (R/W 32) Data Output Value */
  __IO PORT_OUTCLR_Type          OUTCLR;      /**< \brief Offset: 0x14 (R/W 32) Data Output Value Clear */
  __IO PORT_OUTSET_Type          OUTSET;      /**< \brief Offset: 0x18 (R/W 32) Data Output Value Set */
  __IO PORT_OUTTGL_Type          OUTTGL;      /**< \brief Offset: 0x1C (R/W 32) Data Output Value Toggle */
  __I  PORT_IN_Type              IN;          /**< \brief Offset: 0x20 (R/  32) Data Input Value */
  __IO PORT_CTRL_Type            CTRL;        /**< \brief Offset: 0x24 (R/W 32) Control */
  __O  PORT_WRCONFIG_Type        WRCONFIG;    /**< \brief Offset: 0x28 ( /W 32) Write Configuration */
       RoReg8                    Reserved1[0x4];
  __IO PORT_PMUX_Type            PMUX[16];    /**< \brief Offset: 0x30 (R/W  8) Peripheral Multiplexing n */
  __IO PORT_PINCFG_Type          PINCFG[32];  /**< \brief Offset: 0x40 (R/W  8) Pin Configuration n */
       RoReg8                    Reserved2[0x20];
} PortGroup;

(1) what does the prefix "__IO" mean? I never know C has this kind of gramma...
(2) What does the offset mean? It seems that the step of the offset is 4-byte. Is 4-byte the length of the elements of PortGroup?
I checked  PORT_DIR_Type, which is
typedef union {
  struct {
    uint32_t DIR:32;           /*!< bit:  0..31  Port Data Direction                */
  } bit;                       /*!< Structure used for bit  access                  */
  uint32_t reg;                /*!< Type      used for register access              */
} PORT_DIR_Type;
It is not 4-byte, but 8 byte.

These questions may be stupid for experts, but I am just a beginner. Appreciate your patience and help~~

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