How to start with Android4SAM

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How to start with Android4SAM

Fri Jun 13, 2014 3:07 pm

I'm involved into designing and developing a In-Home-Display: a 4.3"-5.7" touch-screen LCD to mount to a wall in order to make some simple home-/building-automation.

As I'd like to have a modern and excellent user experience using this gadget, I suddenly thought to Android that is so common today in smartphones.

I don't need powerful hardware peripherals: I need just a simple two-wires RS485. Of course, USB, Ethernet and WiFi could be interesting for future uses.

Where could I start from? I saw the low-cost SAMA5D3 Xplained board that can be coupled with a TM4300B LCD add-on, but I didn't understand if a demo Android source/binaries is available for that hardware.

Another possibility is to use the Linux kernel alone and the QT graphics libraries. What are advantages and disadvantages of both solutions?
Any suggestions?
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Re: How to start with Android4SAM

Wed Nov 12, 2014 4:54 am

for Home application, Atmel has already provide a sample demo with linux OS.
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Re: How to start with Android4SAM

Tue Jan 06, 2015 9:18 am

I have SAMA5d3 xplained kit and TM4301
I dont have any chance to try android yet. so I cannot share with you about + - comparation between linux and android. I choose to use linux because most of user use embedded linux, so I think if I get some problem I could get better support.

I use yocto linux demo with qt (linux4sam-poky-qte-sama5d3_xplained-4.4) I forgot link where to download this linux image, somewhere in

there are several demo of yocto linux, and I choose the 'qte' version

after download the zip file, just extract it and run the bat / sh script to load the linux image to your board. There are 3 types :
a. script for 'plain' yocto linux without LCD support,
b. script for 4.3" LCD
c. script for 7" LCD

The yocto linux from linux4sam already have sample / demo application, and it is pretty good. Just try to load it to your board.

But to make your own qt application which show some user interface you must consider :
1. the free memory space is very low. If i can remember correctly, it just 5MB. the Qt library is huge. and also demo / sample application from Atmel. So if you want to develop application which have complex user interface&require much space, you will have to free up the space.

2. to develop qt, you need to cross compile application. I mean you will develop application in PC which have x86 architecture, and will generate application which will running on ARM architecture. to configure Qt in PC and C compiler is painful for beginner. For me it takes time more than 2 weeks to make sample hello world application. I ever develop android application, and for me to develop an android application is easier than develop a Qt application.

3. if you download the 'qte' version of yocto linux, it will save a lot of your time. because the 'qte' version already have Qt libraries, no need to configure the Qt library from the scratch. But if you download the basic version of yocto linux, you must configure Qt library before your Qt application can run. it is painful to configure Qt libraries. I use the qte version. The basic version have more free space. more than 100MB.

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