Welcome,and read me first!

This forum is for users of Microchip MPUs and who are interested in using Android.

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Welcome,and read me first!

Mon Aug 16, 2010 3:57 am

Dear Members,

Welcome to Android4SAM, a new OS community on AT91 products.

We hope you can get enough information and materials here to start your first Android demo based on AT91 MPU, and also we will be very glad to provide assistances on the problems you may meet.
To make a good place for everybody, please help and keep the following in mind:

1) Android4SAM is a good place to get Android related information on AT91 products.

2) Before you ask a question or post a problem, please make a Search. Having almost 10 times the same question will pollute the Forum and will make the search for those who are using it more and more painful.

3) FAQs, Application Notes and Software Package Examples that Atmel has on the AT91 Website and ATMEL Website will also help to find a prompt answer. Android4SAM FAQ is devoted to centralize the specific FAQs related to Android.

4) Don't double post the same topic in different forums ! one topic is enough. Embest will reply as soon as they see your post.

5) Make your Subject/Post clear = more effective answer. And it would help a lot if you list step by step .

Hope you enjoy your first Android project on AT91 smart MPU! :D

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