SAM-BA/SAM-ICE/AT91SAM7SE-EK different crystals (solved)

Microchip in-system programming solution: SAM-BA

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SAM-BA/SAM-ICE/AT91SAM7SE-EK different crystals (solved)

Fri Feb 21, 2014 6:17 pm

Hello, I have been using AT91SAM7SE256 in products for a while without any problem. Comparing to the AT91SAM7SE-EK or AT91SAM7S-EK boards, the product used a 13.56 MHz crystal instead of the 18.43 MHz one. With the 13.56 MHz crystal , I did not had any problem using the SAM-BA/SAM-ICE to program the internal flash in JLINK mode. Now, a product uses a 27.12 MHz crystal and all is working fine in the application, but it is not possible anymore to program the internal Flash with SAM-BA/SAM-ICE in JLINK mode. I can still program the flash using SAM-BA/Boot ROM with debug serial connection or with the proprietary boot loader. I can also enter emulation mode using SAM-ICE, after programming the flash with my proprietary loader. The MCLK is still at 48 MHz whatever the crystal, to keep compatibility. I think this has to do with timing, regarding Flash programming, as the crystal value is higher. I have tried to modify the SAM-BA applet, to change the oscillator value, but it does not seem to work. Has anyone already use SAM-BA/SAM ICE with crystal higher or equal to 27.12 MHz ? Help would be greatly appreciated :wink: . I also try to use the "custom low level option" to change the oscillator value, but SAM-BA displays that it is not supported by SAM7. SOLVED by modifying the SAM-BA applet to take new Crystal into consideration.

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