NEW Release : SAM-BA v2.11

Microchip in-system programming solution: SAM-BA

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NEW Release : SAM-BA v2.11

Tue Nov 08, 2011 7:32 pm

The SAM Boot Assistant (SAM-BA) software provides a means of easily
programming different Atmel AT91SAM devices. They are based on a common
dynamic linked library (DLL), the sam-ba.dll. SAM-BA use the DLL to
communicate with the target board.

You are strongly recommended to read through the following release notes
before completing the installation of SAM-BA v2.11.

AT91BOOT_DLL.DLL and SAM-PROG is not updated in this revision.
SAM-PROG will remain available in the at91isp v1.13.
Customer who still wants SAM-PROG can download AT91-ISP v1.13.

Downloading and Installing
The software can be found and downloaded from ATMEL's website at ... ol_id=3883

- sam-ba_2.11.exe (current release) for Windows
Install files for the SAM-BA package.
Execute sam-ba_2.10.exe to install.

- (current release) for Linux
Install files for the SAM-BA package only. Uses standard CDC driver
Unzip the package zip file under a local folder on your PC.


- sam-ba.dll v1.00 (A dynamic linked library connects AT91SAM-based targets
through a USB, JTAG or COM port).

- Segger JLINKARM.DLL V4.28b (DLL for using J-Link / J-Trace with third-party
programs JTAG driver)

- TCL Toolchain including tclsh can be downloaded from the following URL:

- Documents
- SAM-BA User Guide.pdf
- Releasenote.txt
- readme.txt
- usb_notice.html

- New features.
- at91sam3s8 at91sam3s16 support
- at91sam3x8 at91sam3x4 at91sam3x2 support
- at91sam9g15 at91sam9g25 at91sam9g35 at91sam9x25 at91sam9x35 support

- SAMBA 2.11 supports the following AT91SAM based microcontrollers:
- at91sam3s16 at91sam3s8 at91sam3s4 at91sam3s2 at91sam3s1
- at91sam3u4 at91sam3u2 at91sam3u1
- at91sam3n4 at91sam3n2 at91sam3n1
- at91sam3x8 at91sam3x4 at91sam3x2
- at91sam7a3
- at91sam7l64 at91sam7l128
- at91sam7s161 at91sam7s321 at91sam7s32 at91sam7s64 at91sam7s128 at91sam7s256 at91sam7s512
- at91sam7se32 at91sam7se256 at91sam7se512
- at91sam7x128 at91sam7x256 at91sam7x512
- at91sam7xc128 at91sam7xc256 at91sam7xc512
- at91sam9260
- at91sam9261
- at91sam9263
- at91sam9g10
- at91sam9g15 at91sam9g25 at91sam9g35 at91sam9x25 at91sam9x35
- at91sam9g20
- at91sam9g45
- at91sam9m10
- at91sam9rl64
- at91sam9xe128
- at91sam9xe128
- at91sam9xe256
- at91sam9xe512
- at91cap9

Bug Fixes and Enhancement
- Support USB CDC, JLINK and COM port connection for Vista (32/64) and Windows 7 (32/64)
- Upgrade to Tcl8.5.9 / Tk8.5.9 (samba 2.10 Tcl8.4.13 / Tk8.4.13)
- new sam-ba.dll instead of SAMBA_DLL.DLL
- using usbser.sys(Microsoft Windows USB modem driver system driver file)
instead of atm6124.sys
- nandflash applet : Remove RDY/BSY pin usage for SAM-BA
- remove DDRAM duplicated configurations in board_memories.c
- Remove duplicated tcl_lib folder
- SAM9M10/G45 coherency
- Add One Wire EEPROM support for sam9x5 series
- SST Serial Flash support
- backup connection information and last used folder as soon as sam-ba used
- add a mask on revision field in JEDEC ID to be able to support several
version of a given flash
- Add support of modern Embedded Linux file systems(ubifs / yaffs2 / jffs2 support)
- Add Jlink speed interface
- Name of USB serial link
- TWI Address optional selection for EEPROM (9g15/9g25/9g35/9x25/9x35/9n12)
- Support /dev/ttyACMx for Linux version samba

Bug Fixes
- sam3s lowlevel init prevents the user to use a crystal different
from 12 MHz
- the external XTtal shall NOT be enabled for sam9m10
- descriptor error for SST Serial Flash
- File compare (>10K) not matched though COM port
- serial flash driver bug fix
- sam7x256 flash applet does not write using IAP ROM feature
- fixed sam7 with IAP flash loader issue
- fixed sam9m10-g45-ek board_lowlevelinit issue
- The customer should be allowed to use it's real board name
- reduce the erase size of serialflash applet
- No adaptive clocking for SAM3 devices
- sam7x512 Flash Erase command does not work for the 2nd flash bank
- Assembly code (in old applets) compilation
- Wrong lowlevel inits for sam3x applets
- Cap9 SDRAM (extram) applet linker script issue
- Buffer size issue in example samba_dll_usage_VC6
- SAM-BA installer no admin right to install on WIN7 /Vista
- SDRAM and DDRAM panes shall not be displayed at the same time in the GUI
- Nandflash applet debug incorrect info of SEND BOOT FILE
- Incorrect board name displayed in main window (some board re-target)
- SAM9G15-ES2 : Cannot be launched twice without cpu reset
- Name of sam9x25 / x35 tcl files (devices) shall be lowercase
- TCL scan crash in some case for linux sam-ba
- After a TCL_Go, If the applet does not return, SAM-BA is frozen.
- Incorrect board name displayed in main window (some board re-target)
- Missing ACK for COM connection in extram and lowlevel applet for 9x5

Known Issues
- Some boards can't work properly through USB/COM port connection without reseting the board

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