u-boot-at91 hwpartition incompatible w/ non-HC eMMC?

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u-boot-at91 hwpartition incompatible w/ non-HC eMMC?

Fri Jul 28, 2017 7:32 pm

Micron MTFC2G is a 2G V4.41 eMMC chip.
I am working with the master branch of linux4sam / u-boot-at91.

The hwpartition command looks for a value other than 0 in mmc.hc_wp_grp_size in /drivers/mmc/mmc.c:675. That value is calculated using the extended CSD register EXT_CSD_HC_ERASE_GRP_SIZE and EXT_CSD_HC_ERASE_GRP_SIZE values on line 1410. On this non-HC device, these values are 0. Therefore, the hwpartition command doesn't work. Am I concluding correctly that this u-boot command is not currently compatible with this device?

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