ATWILC1000-MR110PB Linux SPI Driver and Communication

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ATWILC1000-MR110PB Linux SPI Driver and Communication

Tue Oct 02, 2018 3:35 pm


I have been working on the IMX28 processor development kit and I want to implement atwilc1000-MR110PB wifi module with spi communication . I have done all the required spi connections and driver implementations. Driver successfully probed to the system.


Also for SPI communication, I implemented 2-parallel 2.2M Ohm for to get 1M Ohm pull-up resistor to the SDIO_SPI_CFG pin. Then make SDIO_SPI_CFG connection to the VDDIO pin. Because of the, all grounds are connected togather I just gave GND from just one pin. Also I have experienced the 30 ms dleay between CHIP_EN and RESETN pin. In that system , which everything should work fine, I cannot get the CMD response from the WIFI module. I think the SPI_CFG pin is not correctly configured. I cant talk with the module.

These are my logic analyzer outputs,
I really didnt understand what Am I missing ?. I would be very appreciated if you help me about that problem.
Thank you.

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Re: ATWILC1000-MR110PB Linux SPI Driver and Communication

Thu Oct 04, 2018 7:34 pm

What kernel version are you using?
Which version of the WILC1000 driver are you using?
Where are the "images"?


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