AT91SAM9XE512 NandFlash Booting Problem

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Re: AT91SAM9XE512 NandFlash Booting Problem

Tue Jan 03, 2017 5:27 am

Warlord wrote:Atmel bootstrap uses only first two bytes of ID. These two flashes have these two bytes the same.
What does "Send Boot File" mean?
This means the operation of writing the bootstrap to a flash by use of SAM-BA software.
1. Initialize NAND flash
2. Erase it all
3. Send Boot File
All this steps must be made to have a successful boot.
If this fails you should download the bootstrap code, turn on the debug level to a maximum to find out a booting details and problem. Then recompile and burn using the steps spoken above.
please help me and the link is :

many tks !! :D

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